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The Body Download Movie Jeethu Joseph Full Length in Hindi


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The Body is a movie starring Emraan Hashmi, Rishi Kapoor, and Sobhita Dhulipala. When the body of a powerful businesswoman disappears from the morgue, the inspector in charge hunts for the truth. But when he questions her husband he


directed by - Jeethu Joseph

duration - 1hours 41 minute

Actor - Rishi Kapoor

Score - 241 vote

3:46 for right side SE black frame. This is how much people are irritated of remakes in bollywood. 👇🏻 👇🏻. Who is the sexy man in Bollywood 🔥😎🔥😎🔥😎🔥😎🔥😎🔥😎 Imran hashmi 👍 Hirithik roshan 💬.


Ralph Smart@infinite waters brought me here.


The Body Full Movie Download Leaked Online By TamilRockers नमस्ते दोस्तों, मेरा नाम अक्षय अन्वेकर है और मैं का Founder हूं। Education की बात करें तो मैं Hotel Management और BCA Student हूं। आपको मेरी तरफ से इस Website पर हर दिन शानदार और उपयोगी जानकारी मिलती रहेगी।. Why is this my fav metal album of all time. Akki paaji the mini industry himself. First comment. 4:05 ye scene awesome hai. What's considered overeating carbs? Like how do you know if you've eaten too much. Don't understand how y'all don't Wale verses but love Usher's hook, Wale wrote this whole song all he asked Usher to do is sing that shit makes no sense. maybe if y'all understood Wale's message but then again a lot of lyrical geniuses' aren't understood smfh y'all kill me.

Jeremih is like the King of Features lol. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts log in sign up 1 1 Posted by 11 months ago Archived comment 100% Upvoted This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Sort by View discussions in 1 other community no comments yet Be the first to share what you think! More posts from the movisus community Continue browsing in r/movisus r/movisus movisus 7 Members 5 Online Created Mar 3, 2019 help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc © 2020. All rights reserved Cookies help us deliver our Services. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.   Learn More.

Extreme Frugal Tips. Warning this is a REALLY long post Dog Tax: Excel finance tracking: Here we go…I’m posting on my frugal living with REAL examples from my life. Single female aged 48 living in the mid-west. I started my adult life with a high school education and low paying jobs until I hit 30. Today my net worth is more than a million and I love my life…I want for nothing and I’m very content. Read on if you dare…some of this stuff may scare you… Career I didn’t start college till I was 26, prior to that I was in low paying dead-end jobs and as a result I started my adult life being a penny-pincher. I got a BS and 2 MS degrees in the STEM field at state schools while working full time jobs (close to minimum wage till I graduated with my BS). I applied for academic scholarships (and got some) and I took out the minimal I could in student loans. I paid them all back within 5 years. I had to relocate for my first job out of college. It was 2002 and I started out at $44, 000 salaried a year (50 hours weeks, no overtime and working on 2 Masters degrees in my free time) So…I started my professional career at age 30, climbed the corporate ladder, relocated several times and went into management. I worked long hours, on-call 24/7, lots of stress and kept increasing my salary for 16 years. I started to contribute to my retirement when I turned 30. As soon as I could (I think around 36 after I paid of my student loan debts) I maxed out my 401K and ROTH every year. At my highest salary, at age 46, I was making $140, 000 year (remember – I started at age 30 at $44, 000 and increased to $140, 000 by the time I was 46). I ALWAYS continued to live frugally and saved. I own my house outright and have no debt and plenty in savings. I don’t have a pension. My retirement is all in a 401K and IRAs, traditional and ROTH Once I was financially established I took a 60% lower paying job at a University. I’m 48 and because I live frugally I could probably retire (FIRE) but I like to have something to do. I also enjoy the social aspect of work and a feeling of purpose. I have no stress, great benefits, loads of time off and have never worked more than 40 hours a week in this job and no weekends, holiday…etc. I set my own hours and have no direct reports. I’m currently working 6:30am – 2:30 pm in the winter so I can hike with my dog after work before it gets dark. It was a very good move for me. I’ll probably work here into my mid 60’s just because it’s so cushy Health I exercise. I walk about 7 miles a day I eat pretty healthy, don’t smoke, don’t drink pop and I don’t drink alcohol (anymore…). Sometimes I miss a good craft beer but it’s better for my stomach and sleep without it I have medical, dental, vision through work. My plans cost me $56 a month I have the high deductible plan and max out my HSA but I only end up using a few hundred a year. Whatever is in my HSA when I retire will help cover retirement medical expenses. My deductible is $2, 000. I use the in-network specialists when I need too I work at a university so I use the health center for non-specialist stuff which is $25 co-pay. I get a preventive visit free every year – general physical and well woman/mammogram I pay for prescriptions with my health plan or GoodRX. GoodRX is sometimes cheaper. Also some meds are cheaper if you get a 3 month supply by mail (but not all). Some OTC meds such as generic Claritin for allergies and Generic Prilosec for acid reflux are $0 or cheap if you get a prescription I get 2 dental cleanings and 1 vision exam free every year. I get 1-pair of bifocals free If I need reading glasses they are $1 at Dollar Tree I buy generic ibuprofen / first aid stuff in bulk. I keep it to the basics I never pass on free stuff. My dental plan pays for 2 free cleanings/exam a year, so I ALWAYS get my 2 free cleanings a year. My health plan pays for one free physical a year, so I ALWAYS get my one free physical a!!! Food I spend less than $100 a month on food and beverages. I don’t buy any processed food. I cook from scratch in bulk and I freeze. I enjoy cooking. I use lots of veggies in my evening meal. A typical day of food might include: a. 2 large cups of coffee will milk and stevia b. Oatmeal with chia, flax, almond flour, blueberries and a banana OR eggs on homemade toast OR homemade pancakes OR homemade breakfast burritos OR....??? I make my own bread. Yeast, flour, water, salt, stevia and a bread machine I got at Goodwill for $5 c. Fruit or veg snack (seasonal) d. Beans and rice with seasonings (work lunch) e. Fruit or veg snack (seasonal) f. Dinner – might be spaghetti, chilli, chicken noodle soup, lasagna, grilled chicken with veggies, curry. Each meal works out to under $1. 50. I don’t use much meat in my recipes but I do use a ton of veg g. Homemade yogurt h. I drink lots of black tea or herbal tea throughout the day. I drink tap water i. I get my fix of sweet stuff at work. Someone’s always bringing in home baked goods 2) I shop at Aldi and Walmart, mostly Aldi 3) I buy all my condiments in bulk: spices, chicken stock, oil, stevia (also concentrated), almond flour, chia, flax, rice, pasta…etc. I get some of this on Amazon because it works out cheaper. I make my own yougurt. 1 gallon yogurt = the price of a gallon of milk. It's easy to do. 4) I love this one…I save my teabags. After I’ve used 2 teabags I make another cup of tea from them. I like herbal tea. The cheapest I can find is Celestial Seasonings on Amazon. By stretching the box of 20 teabags to 30 large cups of tea I save $35 year (assuming I drink 3 cups of tea a day). Over 40 years at 7% interest that’s $1500 saved. It’s not an issue for me and the flavor is the same 5) I only eat out a couple of times a year for social reasons and I don’t buy an appetizer or dessert and I only drink water. I tip 20% if service is good. I refuse to go to expensive restaurants. I want an entrée under $15. Honestly, I like my cooking better 6) I don’t drink pop or alcohol 7) I own a chest freezer and loads of plastic food containers. Most of the meals I cook are freezable and microwavable 8) I buy the large tub of coffee from Aldi. It’s like $4. 50 and lasts 3 weeks. Tastes fine to me but then I would never drop $5 + tip on a cup of coffee 9) I only buy meat, fruit and veg when it’s under $1 pound. I make an exception for ground beef and blueberries, raspberries…etc. (they have to be under $1 for 6oz). I don't use much meat. Example: I use 1lb ground beef to make 12 frozen spaghetti dinners BUT I use lots of peppers, onions, mushrooms in-place of the beef. Example. When 8oz packages of baby bella mushrooms go on sale, I buy 12 of them. I wash, chop and cook them and then freeze them in 4 separate containers. Each container will be used in a big batch of spaghetti or Lasagna or mushroom soup., when blueberries go on sale for 0. 89 cents for 6oz I buy twelve packages and freeze. 1 package is used to make 10 oatmeal breakfasts 10) I never buy name brand and I always search for reduced fruit/veg, meat…etc. 11) I do check the local flyers for sales. only shop once a week and I combine trips to save gas. House I brought the cheapest house in a really good neighborhood in a mid-west University town. I’m in the third highest rated school district in the USA for STEM (per 2019 Newsweek article). I have a 1950’s 1500sqft, 3 bed, 2 bath ranch with 2-car attached garage, separate laundry room, living and family room, large screened in-porch. I paid $135, 000 for it and my taxes are $1500 a year. It’s bigger than I wanted but it’s what I had to do to get into my neighborhood. Houses like mine sell in a day with multiple offers over asking. I had to put some work into the house and spend some $$$. I fixed it up so it’s now one of the nicest houses in the neighborhood and worth 35% more than I paid for it. I did some work myself such as painting and laying the laminate floor. I will stay here until I retire and then decide where I want to spend my retirement years. Central Florida is dirt cheap with no state taxes + low housing costs but I am not sure I can handle the heat and humidity. I have a high deductible on my home insurance but I max out my liability coverage. I have a high net worth so if someone tries to sue me I want to make sure I’m covered and I don’t have to pay out of my pocket. I have extras like sewer/water line coverage, sewer/water back-up because the lines in my neighborhood are old and you see people’s yards dug up all the time. I pay my policy in full and it works out to $75 a month In the winter, I keep my heat at 55 when I’m not home or in bed and 60 when I’m home. I wear wool thermal leggings and tops under my clothes all winter long at home. They are soft and comfy. I wear slippers. When I’m lazing on the couch I snuggle under an electric blanket and with the dog. I have a down comforter on the bed. The dog loves the cold. In the summer I wear shorts and a tank top (hence why I shave in the summer) and I keep the AC around 76 as the dog gets too hot I change my furnace filters every 2 months with the cheap ones I keep my water heating on a warm setting. When I run the shower I turn the hot all the way and it’s plenty hot enough for me Household maintenance/repairs I cut my own grass, do my own yard work and clean my own house I do what repairs I can myself. I U-tube it. I buy stuff from Menards and get the 11% rebate. I’m not very handy or physically strong so I only tackle simple things I don’t do a furnace/AC service every year. I lived in my last house 9 years and my furnace/AC were 20 years old when I sold it. I never did a service (other than change filters) and I never had a problem If I have to hire a big job (i. e. roof, furnace, crawlspace) I always get 3 quotes and try to negotiate the price after I’ve received the quote in writing. Then I ask for a cash discount. If I have to replace something I try to go with a quality no-name brand. I do my research I use LED lightbulbs and I turn my lights off when I’m not using a room I unplug appliances if I don’t use them at least every other day. Exception is for larger items like stove, fridge, washer, dyer, freezer Car I enjoy a nice, safe car. I drive a 2008, 12-year old limited edition Subaru outback. I brought it when it was 1-year old with 30, 000 miles for cash on E-bay. I paid $20, 000 for it. It has 126, 000 miles. I will drive it till it dies I only have liability insurance but I max out my coverage. I have a high net worth so if I’m at fault in an accident I want to make sure I’m covered and I don’t have to pay out of my pocket. I also have roadside assistance with my insurance company for towing, flat tire I pay in full every 6 months and also have my home-owners insurance policy with them. My car insurance works out to $40 a month I get an oil change, tire rotation and fluid top-off every 5, 000 miles with a coupon for $19. 99. It’s a local place and they are really good about telling me if they see any issues. I replace my own air filters, head lamp I take it to a reputable import mechanic when I need too. Much less $ than the dealer I combine errands one day a week to save miles. I live 3. 8 miles from work and I do drive an average of 2-4 miles to hike with the dog. I average 6, 000 miles a year I keep my car clean. I wash, wax myself at home with a garden hose. I don’t use high dollar cleaning products. I use dish soap to wash it and I do a hand wax on it once a year Internet/TV/Cell I have the most basic package Internet available. It’s still expensive at $60 a month and it drives me crazy I have to pay that. I don’t have Cable. I have an antenna for local stations I have Amazon prime (see my post on shopping). I also switch between Netflix, Hulu, Acorn…etc. about every 3 months so I don’t get bored. I stream TV, Movies, Music from my library for free via the Hoopla App. It's 100% FREE!!! Get a library card! I own my smartphone outright and will use it till it dies. I use Mint Mobile ($17 month with tax). 2g data is enough for me as home and work have WIFI Kitchen & Cleaning I do my dishes by hand once a day. I do not fill the sink full with water and I don’t leave my water running when I’m scrubbing. Airdry. Yes, I have a dishwasher, it came with the house, but I just don’t use it. Besides those dishwasher packets are pricey! I use Ajax dish soap that I dilute 1:1 with water and use a pump dispenser. I buy the large bottles at Menards and get the 11% rebate I buy my scrub sponges in a pack from the Dollar Tree. I throw them in the washing machine with my clothes when they get grungy. I have one scrub brush I’ve had for years I wash and reuse my Ziploc baggies over and over. I don’t buy name brand – I get from Dollar tree. Same with tin foil I have loads of microwave/freezer safe plastic food containers. I’ve had them years. I freeze so much food I have a chest freezer I recycle everything I can to reduce the use of trash bags. In-fact I have a tight closing trash can so I only need to start a new trash bag once every 2 weeks as it doesn’t stink up the house. I buy the tough no-name drawstrings ones in bulk. The flimsy ones break or leak and create a mess Don’t use paper towels ever. Use washable cloths, tea Don’t buy all the latest gadgets and if you must have something check out your local charity shops, Facebook Marketplace & buy/sell groups or Craigslist I typically stick with 2 cleaning supplies, I could make my own I guess. I use $1 glass cleaner and $1 generic orange cleaner. I wash my floors with diluted dish soap. I have a broom, dustpan/ brush, a Shark vacuum with canister with washable filters (that I brought refurbished for about $80 and I’ve had years), a mop with washable cover. I also use recycled toothbrushes, scrubbie pads and cloths. I don’t use disposable cleaning supplies like disposable wipes, those throw away dusting pads, floor cleaning pads…etc. Everything I use is reusable and washable Laundry Only wash your clothes if they are dirty! I do 1 load of laundry a week for clothes and 1 load of laundry a month for my sheets and towels. I rotate my pillows (I have 2 so one side a week for 4 weeks). I shower every day so sheets stay clean and don’t get stinky. Speaking of sheets, I buy high quality 500 thread count cotton sheets - they are so soft and comfy and last for years. A couple of times a year I might wash my blankets, comforter…etc. I wear my dress jeans all week for work and I rarely wash my nice tops/sweaters as I wear a t-shirt under them. I wear my dog walking clothes and wool thermals all week. Wool doesn’t get stinky and dog walking jeans get muddy the first walk so might as well wear them all week. I always wash in luke warm water Airdry clothes or put a large dry towel in the dryer. If I use the dryer I’m typically dry in 20 mins on medium. I’m not frugal here and do use the dryer more often than not. I hate hanging clothes and ironing them I don’t have many white or light colored clothes. They stain too easily. I look better in dark jewel colors anyway I use Purex laundry detergent. I use the 300oz bottle with 200 loads and I really do use the amount they recommend for 1 load so it lasts me a few years. I get it for $8. 99 at Menards with an additional 11% rebate. I tried homemade but this is better (for me) If you have to use dryer sheets, cut them into quarters. Personally, I’m fine with nothing in the dryer If you have to use a stain remover add 1 scoop of Dollar Tree Awesome Orange Oxygen cleaner to the washing machine or make a paste and rub into stain (compare to OxyClean) Clothing If I need clothes, which is rarely, I buy everything except underwear and socks from the charity shops. Usually Goodwill on the first Saturday of the month when everything is ½ off Speaking of underwear and socks, I buy dark colored because they don’t look grungy. I have 7 pairs of knickers, 3 bras, 14 pairs of socks as my feet get wet sometimes hiking. That’s it. I rarely have to replace them and yes I do change them every day! I think my current stash of knickers, bras and socks have lasted me over 5 years. I got everything from Kohls when they have a big sale, 30% coupon and $15 cash back if you spend $50. I buy for comfort and durability, not fashion (no ones sees me in my undies anymore and I like my granny panties - see my section on dating). I have wool socks I buy some shoes new, such as hiking shoes. However I do check the charity shops, Poshmark…etc. for lightly used I have a very minimal wardrobe and shoes. I buy classic clothing and not the latest fad I have a few pieces of jewelry. Sterling silver and amber necklace, earrings ring and also mother of pearl. I have another set that’s real gold with fake diamonds(you can’t tell they are fake). have a few accessories such as scarfs and decorative hair clips Personal care I shower once a day for 5 mins. I use one high quality soft, thick cotton dark colored towel for everything and wash my towel once every month with my clothes. I’m clean after a shower and its just water! I’ve had the towel for about 5 years. I do wash my washcloth every week with my clothes I have an electric toothbrush that I’ve had for years. I replace the head every couple of months with a generic one I get of Amazon in a multi-pack. I floss. I have sensitive teeth so I buy a multi-pack of sensitive toothpaste from Amazon. It works out cheaper than Walmart’s house brand. I could get a sensitive toothpaste from Dollar Tree but I don’t trust anything from China to go in or on mine or my dog’s body. I go to the Dentist twice a year for cleaning. This is covered through my work health insurance. I brush my teeth for 2 mins and I don't let the water run when I do this. I don;t rinse my mouth on the advice of my dentist - let the sensitive toothpaste sink in I have very few products. Suave shampoo and conditioner that I transfer into a pump bottle and I use one pump of each every time I shower. I use diluted Dawn dish soap in a pump dispenser to wash my face and body with a washcloth and yes, I love it. I don’t lather up my entire body every time, just my private and sweaty areas. I use a men’s razor from Dollar Tree to shave (which is really only in the summer). I use Suave deodorant. I use a cheap oil free moisturizer on my face. It’s around $5 and it lasts months. I rarely wear make-up and if I do its big box store, basic and the same items (same eyeshadow, blush, lip colors). I haven’t brought any make-up in years. I have one bottle of nice perfume that lasts years. If I curl my hair, put my make-up on and dress up in my charity shop clothes I look like a million bucks for pennies on the dollar! I keep my hair one length with bangs and I don’t color it. I have medium brown hair. I cut my own bangs every couple of months and I get my haircut for $10 once a year at the beauty school or if I can get a $7. 99 coupon for Great Clips. I blow dry and curl the bangs and let the rest of it dry naturally. I only use a $2 bottle of hairspray to hold it or I tie it back. I’m often asked about my hair as it’s cute on me and looks shiny and healthy, albeit I’m starting to get some gray I use q-tips but I don’t use tissues, cotton pads, face A reusable, washable hanky works just fine for a snotty nose. I have eye brow scissors, tweezers, a metal nail file and hair dresser scissors. I’ve had them for years. I use a washcloth on my face I tweeze my own eyebrows and I shave above my lip once a week. I have a $5 magnifying mirror I got from Walmart that helps. Yep, it works fine. Been doing it for over 20 years. Don’t believe the baloney that the hair grows back thicker, longer. I am sans a mustache at all times! I don't get my nails done or paint them. I don't do fake nails, lashes, The only beauty service I pay for is my one haircut a year. I buy toilet paper in bulk. I buy 30 rolls of 425-2 ply sheets from Aldi for $15. I always fold my toilet paper. I use 2 sheets folded to ¼ size for #1 and usually need to do this twice for #2. I find the 2-ply a better value than the 1-ply as the 1-ply is so thin that you actually need more I don’t flush my loo every time I pee, especially not during the night. If it’s yellow let is mello – with the lid down of course. My bathroom does not get smelly. Where I live, those water and sewer bills can add up. If you only save $10 a month, over 40 years at 7% interest rate that’s $5, 000. Probably too extreme for some of you but in addition to being frugal, I hate to be wasteful! I use a period cup and reusable washable pads. I’ve had mine for years Dating I’m single and have been for nearly 4 years by choice. I’m an attractive woman (or so I’m told). I used to date ALL the time. I’ve been in several long term relationships. No kids. At this point in my life dating doesn’t interest me as I have relationships through my family and friends and the dog (can’t forget the dog). My life is full and I’m happy. I’ve been asked on dates and I said no To be honest my life is less stressful, less drama, less maintenance (gotta shave those legs and pits), less money when I’m not dating. I’m also a homebody and Like being alone so it works for me. I wear more comfortable underwear when I'm single too - ha-ha! Shopping I don’t buy stuff. At this point in my life, I’m a minimalist I buy used whenever I can. I haggle the price down whenever I can. I use charity shops, Facebook Marketplace and buy/sell groups, Craigslist I sell stuff I don’t use Amazon. I use my Prime membership ALOT. I borrow free books, I watch free movies/TV, I listen to free music on my Echo dot I got on special for $8. I do buy some stuff on Amazon but usually from Warehouse Deals. I also use Prime Pantry sometimes to buy food and toiletries but only if it works out cheaper than the store. Recently I got an order of 15 items through Prime Pantry. With Prime Pantry if spend $35 you get free shipping. If you order 15 or more items you get a 15% discount. If you use your Prime credit card you get a further 5% back. I was able to get Celestial Seasonings Tea for $1. 93 box of 20 tea bags and 2-pack Suave 2. 6oz deodorant for $1. 93 (after the discounts) Hobbies I walk the dog twice a day, EVERY day, regardless of snow, rain, extreme heat, extreme cold. It keeps me and him healthy. I do 2 miles around the neighborhood in the morning before work and usually 5 miles after work along trails. He’s usually off-leash. Good hiking shoes/boots and gas are the expense here but I have a variety of trails within a 4 mile radius of my house. On weekends we branch out further to mix it up. I mostly wear my hiking shoes and I can make them last a couple of years (shoe goo is my friend). I use my hiking boots/snow boots for wet, muddy, snowy conditions and they have lasted me many years so far. My dog-walking jeans get worn out between my thighs so I patch them (2 large iron-on denim patches at Walmart for $1. After I iron them on, I also sew the patches around the edges so they don't come off). Dog-walking coats, gloves, hats, vests…etc. never seem to wear out. If I do have to buy dog walking gear I buy quality (I’m currently using Oboz hiking shoes) I read for free. I get books from the library and Amazon Prime. I have an i-pad with the kindle app so I download them. The i-pad is old but it works. I will replace it when it eventually dies I belong to groups on the Internet (like this one…) – hence I use my i-pad, I don’t have a computer, printer, scanner…etc. at home. I use the ones at work I watch TV and movies. I rotate one streaming service every few months. I never pay more than $10 month for these services and I also have my annual Prime membership which is about $11 month. I also stream TV, Movies, Music from my library for free via the Hoopla App I do jigsaw puzzles. I NEVER buy new. I buy them used then sell or trade them. I always come out ahead and make money on them. I used to scoff at people who did jigsaw puzzles but let me tell you, they are very enjoyable! Apparently they make me smarter too… I cook (see food) I go to free events in my community. Art in the park, various concerts, free outdoor activities days…etc. I live in a large multi-cultural University town. There is LOADS of free stuff to do... I have a group of dog walking friends. We meet several times a week (we also trade help with dog walking and pet sitting if we travel) I do try to get back to the UK once a year to see family but I always find a good deal on my flight. A friend watches the dog. I’m not a fan of travelling anymore, in-fact I hate travelling. I would rather have a “staycation” The dog. He’s awesome Yes it’s $. Yes it’s worth it. He’s therapy for my soul He’s a lab mix, AKA mutt. His adoption fee was high ($350) but it went to a good cause. Generally mutts have less health issues I buy high quality food in bulk. It’s rated 5 stars on DogFood Advisor which is the highest rating available and it’s not grain fee (don’t buy into the hype…). I get Victor Hi-Pro Plus 50lb bags. It’s $60. He’s a 3 year old 80-lb extremely active male lab. He gets 3 cups a day as this is extremely nutrient dense food without fillers. It lasts me nearly 2 months. $30 month for food I buy 20-lb dog biscuits for $14 at Menards plus 11% rebate. I break them in half. A bag lasts me about 3 months. It’s his daily junk food treat I buy a 10-lb bag all natural beef bones from a local farm. $5. He usually gets them on weekends and a bag lasts about a month I rotate and repair his soft toys when they get holes in them. He’s had them a few years. I got most of them for 0. 50 cents at Goodwill. He inherited his nylabones, tennis balls, leash and collar, food from my previous dog and they are probably 10 years old. I do buy poop bags but they are $1 for 80 bags from the Dollar Tree. I do not do things like dress my dog up or send him to the groomer or do doggie daycare (I exercise him and he has doggie friends we walk with a few times a week) I spend $300 year for his annual vet visit. This includes an exam, shots, Bordetella and a year of flea/tick and heartworm meds. I buy the heartworm meds with the 4-way de-wormer and Braveco which is a pill every 3 months for fleas and ticks. These are the most expensive but as we hike in the woods daily and he likes to catch small worm/flea ridden furry animals its money well spent. We could go to a low cost shot clinic and save some $ but I like to have a relationship with his vet as it comes in handy I trade pet-sitting service with friends who have dogs I wash my dog at home in the backyard with Dawn dish soap (its fine – I use it on me too). He doesn’t need haircuts or nail trims (we walk 2 miles on concrete every morning). If he needed haircuts or nail trims I would do it myself Other tips. I use cash back credit cards for as much as I can and pay them off every month I always send in my mail in rebates I track every penny I spend in an Excel spreadsheet. I know exactly where my money goes and how much my expenses change over the years I know where to buy the items I use for the best price I don’t pay for a financial advisor. I do my own investing in low cost Vanguard index funds that's my frugal full, happy, content frugal life and hopefully there are some useful tips in here you can use. Anyone got more frugal tips they can share?


I just felt all this energy flow into my body, and it made me feel at peace. Nice. from korea. That “betterrrrrrrr” hit different 😂. I can't wait this movies it's amazing film. That was great going into detail with the different body parts, the images and narrative were so clever explaining it all. Definitely appreciating the strength the pro climbers have doing this sport as a novice trying to get some strength for the easy routes. So versatile doing the 3 types of competitive climbing well done. Love for this songs gets bigger and bigger everytime I listened to it ❤️. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts log in sign up 1 1 Posted by 11 months ago Archived comment 100% Upvoted This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Sort by View discussions in 1 other community no comments yet Be the first to share what you think! More posts from the movisus community Continue browsing in r/movisus r/movisus movisus 7 Members 2 Online Created Mar 3, 2019 help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc © 2020. All rights reserved Cookies help us deliver our Services. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.   Learn More.

What I noticed in Whole Comment Section: Afghani: Is War ki History galat dikhayi hai. Jaat: Maharaj Surajmal ji ka Character galat dikhaya hai. Rest: Main Actor hi Gadbad hai😂😂😂😂😂. 2:12 to 2:16 remind me of kangana ranaut will do this BEST.

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