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2019. Countries=France. A cop from the provinces moves to Paris to join the Anti-Crime Brigade of Montfermeil, discovering an underworld where the tensions between the different groups mark the rhythm. 104 Minute. Genres=Thriller, Drama. directed by=Ladj Ly. Whose from mg pangasinan? XD. Totally the best Les Miserables out there. Lea Salonga and everyone else was amazing.

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Movie Stream Les miserables. Movie Stream les miserables. Movie Stream Les misérables. Amazing film! Masterpiece.


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The japanese valjean is also the master chef uber cool host! btw, the german one looks like a hungry sean connery. Movie Stream Les misérables les. Stream les miserables full movie online. Movie Stream les misérables les. Les miserables movie stream. Movie Stream Les misÃrambles and rants. 2020.02.06. Stream les miserables full movie online 123. Movie Stream les misérables.


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Movie stream les mis c3 tables remix. 'Les miserables' a 2019 film is not favored to win the Oscar for best foreign film. Yet, it's a first-rate film of life in Parisiaann suburbs, in the him or housing estates or projects, where a heteroclite mixture of races and nationalities and the rejects of France's colonial empire.
Conditions are mean and miserable; it's a dog-eat-dog world. Here the criminal and not-so criminal and Muslsims of a messianic bent thrive and live.
The story line is simple: a small town police man is transferred to Paris. Assigned to a three-man team, made up of a sadistic squad leader Chris who glories in his name as 'pink pig' a provocative nom de guerre, since he and Gwanda, a Fraco0 Sengalese born and raised in the housing estate, and the new recruit Ruiz, whom cynical Chris baptizes as Greaser owing to greasy hair.
Director Ladj Ly from Mali directed and co-wrote this highly drawn and thrillingly violent film, which not for the fain hearted. The film pulsates with vibrant social observation and a reality that few American filmmakers in the Hollywood studios might not sanction.
In a way Ly has drawn on the fairytale of a country mouse who visits his city cousin and finds a world of imminent dangers.
The milieux is ugly rough and Darwinian: conditions are of neglect and indifference where police and criminal harass a seemingly hapless and helpless humanity, living in tall towers where elevators don't work; where groceries are deliver by basket and rope to inhabitants on higher floors, young and not so young, by brawn and are covered with graffiti in French and Arabic and African tongues.
'Les miserables' open in time of utter exuberance in 2018 when France again won the World Cup 20 years after the stunning victory of 1998.
National fever and solidarity are at its heights. And then everything in the housing estate falls apart. The young boys, mostly black and Muslim and very tech savvy (a drone plays a major part in the story) they are not only street smart, but know the ins and out of social media. In a way they are free spirits, street wise and old before their age, as they play games among discarded furniture and unwanted items; they're Peter Pan and his lost boys; they live in a Neverland of social rejection and existential squalor.
Issa a young lad who is wonderfully acted by Issa Perica is the glue of the film. The tragedy commences by his stealing a lion cub, Danny, from a Roma or Gypsy circus that has come to town.
And from that flows the story: we see the police of three who rule the roost, but not with deals with the 'margroulli' of low life among the Franco Africans, North or West African who exploit and harass almost at will.
Ly ha evoked a wonderful kaleidoscope of corruption and utter disregard for the law but the ones the criminals and police throw up for influence.
The mixture is explosive, a time bomb waiting to go off. And yet, the police don't come out with guns blazing as Americans cops do, shot first ask questions later. Rather, they rely on intimidation, rough housing manners and violent language; they use mace liberally or batons brazen, ballsy behavior.
Like the German realist films of the 1930s- Three Penny Opera' or 'M' the collusion of the police with the underworld is open and suspect as each try not to overstep boundaries; it's a live and live world.
The young and know they've been had by a systems that very much works against them. And like everyone they accept it until the day, the proverbial shait hits the fan.
And here Ly is a true social realist who evokes the spirit of a jacquerie, an explosion, that should remind the American audience on this the 91 birthday of Martin Luther King, the wreak and havoc of the worms that turn. Here it's Issa and his gang who wage a guerrilla war against the exploiters and the police in a seemingly Gotterdammerung.
Ly direction and camerawork are worthy of praise and deserve the wherewithal to put his immense talent to work.

Les miserables movie stream hd. Now we just need 17 Javerts to sing AND I'M JAVERT. Lea is the best... Her diction... the emotion... her voice... Les miserables full movie stream. I need to read the book again. Movie Stream Les misÃrables.






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